InsightTRAC Finds and Destroys Almond Mummies


InsightTRAC Finds and Destroys Almond Mummies

Tim hammerich

It’s time for your report on the Farm of the Future. I am Tim Hammerich.

Last week, the Almond conference was held in Sacramento, showcasing plenty of technologies to help growers of one of California’s best crops. One innovation that has received a lot of attention is InsightTRAC, a robotic mummy removal device to deal with one of the most difficult almond pests. CEO Anna Haldewang explains.

Haldewang… “During the almond harvest, not all almonds are ready for harvest during this time. So when the leaves fall from the trees in winter, these leftover almonds then rot, and they are called mummies. And there is this past called orange navel worm. And this is one of the number one pest problems for growers. It will dig inside these mummies in the winter and hibernate. And in the spring, it will turn into a moth, and it will damage the quality and yield. So the best time to eliminate this expensive pest is when it hibernates inside these mummies. However, current methods rely on wet weather to knock down these mummies, and then work crews have to knock them down as well. And that’s how it is, it’s a pretty hard job to do that.

Haldewang demonstrated how the InsightTRAC rover works: roaming an orchard and independently removing these mummies.

Haldewang… “So InsightTRAC, it will stop in front of a section of tree. It will take an image and draw the fastest, fastest path to all of these mummies in seconds. He then removes each mummy by pulling a biodegradable pellet on each of them. And it can do it in less than a second.

InsightTRAC is currently taking orders for the fourth quarter of 2022.


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