How Liz Truss Blocked Jacob Rees-Mogg’s Energy Savings Public Information Campaign


Liz Truss has reportedly blocked the launch of a public information campaign aimed at saving energy, despite warnings that blackouts could be imposed in the UK if gas imports are insufficient this winter.

Business Secretary Jacob Rees-Mogg is said to have backed a £15million ‘lightweight’ initiative, according to The temperatureencouraging households to reduce their gas and electricity consumption by taking a series of simple measures.

However, Ms Truss is said to be “ideologically opposed” to such an approach as it could be too interventionist.

Liz Truss speaking in Prague on Thursday (Photo: Alastair Grant/Reuters)


The proposed campaign included measures designed to help people save up to £300 a year, The temperature reports, such as lowering the temperature of boilers, turning off radiators in empty rooms and advising people to turn off the heating when they go out.

By encouraging millions of households across the country to limit their energy consumption, it could help preserve vital national supplies, ensuring that gas-fired power stations which produce 43% of UK electricity can continue to operate.

The National Electricity Grid Operator (ESO) released a report on Thursday detailing different scenarios that could unfold if gas imports to Europe are curtailed or UK stocks run out.

He warned that in the worst-case scenario, if Russia cuts gas supplies in retaliation for war-related sanctions in Ukraine and the UK experiences a cold snap, it could force distributors to cut gas. electricity to households and businesses for three hours. blocks.

Planned blackouts hit the UK in the 1970s in response to miners’ strikes and the oil crisis. There have also been major unplanned outages during storms, most notably in 1987 when over 1.5 million people were left in the dark.

The temperature quoted a government source describing the campaign as a “no-brainer”.

Speech by Liz Truss

The Prime Minister is said to have intervened to block the progress of the campaign for ideological reasons, believing that such an approach would be too interventionist.

Ms Truss ruled out the possibility of energy rationing during a trip to New York last month, telling reporters it was up to consumers to make their ‘own decisions’ on how to cut their utility bills. ‘energy.

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She made a similar pledge during the Conservative leadership campaign, as she sought to highlight her small-state libertarian credentials to members.

The new Prime Minister will be reluctant to make another U-turn, having embarrassingly backed down from dropping the top 45p tax rate, after last month’s mini budget sparked market turbulence.

Ms Truss sought to play down concerns on Thursday after the National Grid report was released.

Pressed to ensure there will be no power cuts, she told reporters during a visit to the Czech Republic: “What we are clear about is that we have a good energy supply in the UK, we are in a much better position than many other countries, but of course we can always do more, and that is why I am working here with our partners, ensuring that we have a secure energy supply in the future.

A government source approached by the PA news agency said they did not deny the report in The temperaturewhile the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy issued a statement on behalf of the government in which it insisted ministers are not launching campaigns and that “any claim to the contrary is false”.

Asked about the Prime Minister’s alleged intervention on BBC Radio 4 Today programme, the government’s climate minister, Graham Stuart, said: ‘The idea that there was a highly developed campaign to which we were…passionately dedicated and No10 rejected it, I don’t recognize that.’


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