Hemp processing

Tim Hammerich

This is Tim Hammerich from the Ag Information Network with you Farm of the Future Report.

Hemp-derived products have become increasingly popular with consumers, but the transmission of this value to growers has been somewhat haphazard. Darren Bondar and his team at HEMPALTA are helping to extract more value from this crop using technology made in Canada.

Bondar… “Canadian Greenfield Technology built what is called the Hemp Train. And what it does is it takes these thousand-pound bales that are currently wasted in farmers’ fields, basically. And separates them into four different streams, which we can then use for, I mean, there are over 25,000 different commercial uses for industrial hemp.

Bondar says the stalks they process are what’s left after the hemp seeds are harvested.

Bondar… “We basically take after hemp is grown for seed, which is becoming increasingly popular for hemp oil. Really, the farmer doesn’t know what to do with the bales. So we run the bullets through the hemp train and we get hurd and micro hurd. And then we also get what is called green microfiber. Which is, you know, a nutrient-rich feed. And then we also get a fiber that’s about 75-80% clean, which can then be used for various things, from textiles to insulation or hemp lumber once it goes through further processing.

HEMPALTA has developed a range of consumer products using their system.


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