Harvest Returns finds investment opportunities in specialized agriculture


Harvest Returns finds investment opportunities in specialized agriculture

Tim hammerich

It’s time for your report on the Farm of the Future. I am Tim Hammerich.

A trend to watch in agriculture has been crowdfunding. This is where an online platform lists an investment, and crowds of people can invest in that project individually. Harvest Returns launched their farmland crowdfunding platform a few years ago, but CEO Chris Rawley said it has expanded to include other farm investment opportunities as well.

Rawley… “At first we were quite opportunistic in the trades we had, and now we are much more selective in trying to shape our portfolio for the type of trades. And we’re looking at several verticals that we’ve started to focus on. One is indoor agriculture, the controlled environment. And another is the grass fed cattle. And we have entered into a number of these agreements. And then we recently, in the last year, started setting up early stage agricultural technology companies. Closed a few of them this year. And then I put the rest in some sort of specialized culture.

Agricultural land for large-scale field crops is clearly absent from this list of investment opportunities.

Rawley… “The only kind of culture we really don’t do for a number of reasons are staple crops. And the reasons include: there are a lot of other places to invest in those, and also, you know, it helps us to differentiate ourselves. And we kind of love the transformational aspects of the vertical specialties that we have chosen.

Rawley said the platform is constantly increasing its number of listed trades and participating investors.


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