GYIN Gambia engages 40 youths on media and information literacy


The training aimed to help youth organizations mainstream and integrate MIL into their policies and strategies.

Lamin Queen Jammeh, Minister of Information and Digital Media, in his opening remarks urged participants to take the training seriously to avoid unethical reporting and handling of information.

“We are likely to be exposed to any type of information in the media, such as misinformation, unethical reporting, among others. Therefore, taking such trainings will help us deal with the information we come across in the media,” he said.

He also urged the participants to disseminate the knowledge gained during the training to their various organizations and regions.

Mamadou Edrisa Njie, Executive Director of GYIN Gambia, said the training was the second they have organized for young people, noting that there should be continuous sensitization to stop the flow of inappropriate information.

“Acquiring media literacy enables individuals to confidentially and critically evaluate any information, both online and offline,” he said.

Dr. Morolake Adekunle, Deen and Lecturer at University of The Gambia (UTG) said that it is known that Information Disorder is a real pandemic which is causing a lot of problems across the world due to its propagation speed.

“People and nations fight over information and all the blame goes to the media; therefore, people need to know how they use the media and how to relate to acquired information, because not all information you come across comes from authentic or reliable sources,” she said.

Mariama Njie, participant from West Coast Radio and representative of the Gambia Empowered Person with Physical Challenge Organization (GEPPCO) thanked GYIN Gambia for their consideration towards her organization. She added that the training will help her process any information she comes across, especially if it involves someone with a physical disability.

“Often our images are used for purposes that are not worthwhile due to our vulnerability and ignorance of media literacy. However, I don’t see it that badly,” she added .

She promised to share the knowledge gained within her organization and region.


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