Fruit bites from June 7 to 9 Water management


Fruit bites from June 7 to 9 Water management

BL: Welcome back to another “Fruit Bites” presented by Valent USA. With us, there is again Allison Walston from Valent. And this week, Allison, we’re talking about water management in irrigated crops.

AW: So did the April snow help our drought situation in eastern OR and Western Australia? Climatologists say a little, but all PNW states are behind normal amounts of snowfall. This means less water availability in summer and fall.

BL: So what impact does this have on the fruit growing areas?

AW: Water resources have been a hot topic for some time. Many fruit growers have switched to drip or micro-sprinklers for more efficient irrigation methods. But looking to the future, I asked Valent’s director of precision agriculture, Chris Read, what upcoming technology is the biggest benefit for growers? He said, effective water management through technology driven tactics. This includes remote sensing, aerial imagery, monitoring and modelling. Adapt the use and efficiency of water to the factory if necessary.

BL: Well, thank you Allison. Join us next time for Fruit Bites, presented by Valent. Until then, I’m Bob Larson.


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