Farmers build their own cover crop seeder


Farmers build their own cover crop seeder

Tim Hammerich

This is Tim Hammerich from the Ag Information Network with your Farm of the Future report.

A father-son farmer duo from Wisconsin recently built a 12-row interplanter for planting cover crops in a standing crop. Aaron Augustian says that, as far as they know, this is the first 12-row interplanter in existence.

Augustian… “It’s a new technology that we’re using here with this cover crop system. We wait until the corn is about V4, V 5, which is maybe a foot to 16 inches tall, and then we go between the rows of corn and we plant a multi-species cover crop of clovers, ryegrass annual, and some hairy vetches, that when we harvest the corn we will already have our cover grown and growing. So that saves us a lot of time in the fall, and then we have our green cover for when we want to go manure in the fall.

The unit includes an air distribution system that directs the seed into each row unit. They can then set the correct depth to plant between rows of corn.

Augustian… “The idea of ​​building a 30ft 12 row interseeder, my father took my idea and made it a reality: I walked around the shop, put about 120 to 130 hours into this interseeder, designing, making plans, working with the machine shops, parts manufacturing, and a few of our people helped my dad put it together. We had all the parts here by early June, and in about two weeks and a half, three weeks, the machine was up and running, so I have to give my dad and the farm workers my compliments to make it work.

Cover is established and preserves topsoil moisture and nutrients for future crops.


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