Expertise and equipment for farmers in developing countries


Expertise and equipment for farmers in developing countries

Tim hammerich

It’s time for your report on the Farm of the Future. I am Tim Hammerich.

We are fortunate in this country to have a leading agricultural research and extension system. In developing countries, like on the African continent, this is not the case, but technology allows them to take giant steps towards modernization. For example, Hello Tractor has technology to connect groups of farmers to tractor services. CEO Jahiel Oliver says their model combines technology with local reservation agents.

Oliver… “We started working with the World Food Program. And so they started to build these local food systems through these agent networks. Almost like replicating what we have in extension in America by supporting these people in supporting farmers, but doing it in a commercial way. “

Oliver said the World Food Program educates farmers on sustainable farming practices.

Oliver… “So the reservation agents were then going to work with these farmers who have now been made aware of these new practices, which now require these services. However, this equipment does not yet exist on the market. It’s a nice development from someone who just came in as, basically with a cell phone. This is what they had. And now they’re making a lot of money as a booking agent. And now (they) are graduating as a fleet owner.

Hello Tractor could then provide the unique platform to bring this technology to farmers.


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