Data for animal health and welfare


Data for animal health and welfare

Tim Hammerich

This is Tim Hammerich from the Ag Information Network with your Farm of the Future report.

New, low-cost, internet-connected sensors are giving livestock and poultry farmers new insights into animal health and welfare. Veterinarian Alan Beynon left private practice after decades to start a tech company because of what he was learning from poultry data.

Beynon… “So a lot of what we collect as data didn’t make sense to me. And it was part of my training that I was told that X and Y were the cause of problem Z. What we found out pretty quickly was that it wasn’t correct because we didn’t have never measured things. And when we measured things, we got results that we didn’t expect. When we have been able to change our behavior, so we go back to the farm, we talk to the farm that takes care of it. We ask them to change the controller system to make a small modification, and then we see the benefits it has brought. It was then for me quite compelling because I could see that I could actually make changes that improved the health and welfare of the animals, and ultimately the profitability of that particular individual. So that was one of the most compelling points.

Beynon started Poultry Sense, and five years later successfully sold the company to Merck Animal Health.


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