Cyberpolice and National Bank launch information campaign on payment security


Illustrative Photo/Lindsey LaMont

the second time organized with the participation of cyberpolice. Its objective is to make citizens aware of the threats of the virtual world and to teach the rules of security for cashless payments.

The details were communicated on February 14 during a briefing with the participation of Yevgeny Doroganov, head of the department for combating crime in the field of computer systems of the cyberpolice department, Alexey Shaban, deputy head of the National Bank , Andrey Podderegin , Director of the Payment Systems and Innovative Development Department of the National Bank, and Roman Proskurovskiy, Deputy Director of the Cyber ​​Defense Center of the National Bank.


The project brought together around 80 partners, including:

  • National Bank,
  • cyberpolice,
  • EMA,
  • Banks,
  • payment systems,
  • mobile operators,
  • Internet shops,
  • postal services,
  • Regional State Administrations.

The information campaign will last three months in all regions of Ukraine.

During his speech, Evgeny Doroganov spoke about the most common fraud scenarios of the past year: the sale of non-existent goods, pseudo-gains, phone scams, phishing resources to embezzle money or collect personal data, taking money under the guise of super profits and asking friends for help.

Pay attention! In total, over the past year, cybercriminals have deceived citizens of more than 193 million UAH. , in which 422 assailants were involved. Additionally, more than 6,600 production facilities are currently in operation. Incidentally, it is fraudulent activity on the Internet that accounts for almost 70% of all requests received by cyberpolice.
– said the cyber police officer.

“If we talk about the level of damage caused by illegal actions with payment cards in the total volume of all these transactions, then it remained relatively low. Last year, 65 hryvnias accounted for illegal actions or questionable transactions per million hryvnias of spending transactions using payment cards. It’s not a lot. , but more than in 2020: then it was 48 hryvnia, – adds Deputy Chairman of the National Bank Oleksiy Shaban. – This is why we believe it is necessary to remind citizens of the rules of security for online payments and behavior in the virtual space. After all, the main weapon against fraudsters today is awareness”.

In summary, Evgeny Doroganov pointed out thatInternet scammers improve their schemes every time or create new ones. Therefore, law enforcement agencies focus on preventive work with the population, since knowledge of the basic rules of cyber hygiene minimizes the risk of suffering the criminal actions of hackers or fraudsters on the Internet.


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