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Mushroom picking robot

Tim Hammerich

It is time to publish your report on the firm’s future. I am Tim Hammerich.

Field crops tend to monopolize the spotlight when it comes to technological innovation in agriculture, but other areas of food production are also innovating. Mushroom growers may soon have an answer to their higher labor costs through an invention of TechBrew Robotics. CEO Mike Boudreau said they have created a robot picker mushrooms.

Boudreau … “Mushrooms grow in so-called hot flashes. So, two weeks after the compost was introduced into the rack, small pins or mushrooms begin to appear. And when they reach the size, generally about 20 millimeters or more in diameter, you begin to harvest them. And so you have five days of harvesting, then there is a two-day period between harvests when it does not happen much, then another harvest period of five days. So basically, the robot is in the room for two weeks, and then you move the robot that room to the next room which is ready to start harvesting. There is a lag of two weeks between, you know, when compost between and when you begin to harvest. We always jump from one room to another, but we move the robot once every two weeks. So it’s not serious. It is an exercise of 15 minutes to move the robot.

Continuous mushroom demand increase and producers claim that the workforce is their greatest challenge.


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