Consumer buying habits impact product sales


Consumer buying habits impact product sales

Tim Hammerich

It’s time for the Farm of the Future report. I am Tim Hammerich.

Even more than technology and farming techniques, the farm of the future will be influenced by what consumers want and how they want to buy those items. An interesting case study is China, where e-commerce company Pinduoduo grew to over 700 million users by making the process of buying products both social and fun. Meet Xin Yi Lim, Executive Director for Sustainability and Agricultural Impact.

Lim… “In just a few years, PDD was able to, you know, grow very organically on a massive scale in agricultural products. Because people were getting together and forming teams and pitching their friends, you know, really good deals on the platform and so on.

The company offers team shopping, where users can earn discounts and rewards for getting their friends to buy the same items with them. They also found ways to engage shoppers through games.

Lim… “It’s a very simple game. Anyone from eight to 80 years old can play it. You know, you’re just watering a virtual tree on the DuoDuo orchard. And when the tree bears fruit, you actually win a crate of fruit, delivered to your home for free. And it’s something that basically looks like a gamified loyalty card.

It’s certainly an interesting example of how consumers want more social and playful experiences.


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