Climate Awareness Part 2

From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson. Many farmers are tired of having to defend themselves when accused of harming the environment.

Pam Lewison of the Washington Policy Center says it’s not easy, but there has to be some self-education…

LEWISON … “You know, what am I doing on my farm that mitigates climate change or reduces my carbon footprint or whatever buzzword you want to use.”

And technology, says Lewison, is changing the game daily…

LEWISON … “The more time agriculture is given to work with researchers, the more ingenuity we will see and the more developing things will play a bigger role

in how we fix things.

No one, says Lewison, is more climate-aware than farmers…

LEWISON … “At the end of the day, farmers probably rely on the climate more than many other groups to ensure that we have good crops and healthy animals.”

And, it’s not easy when EVERYONE is an expert…

LEWISON … “And I think that’s a lot too. You choose your narrative, but now it’s more like facts. The internet is a beautiful thing, but I think the curse of the internet is that it allows people to choose their facts.

Agriculture contributes only 11% of total greenhouse gas emissions in the United States, making it the smallest contributor of all sectors tracked by the EPA.


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