Cape May public information campaign aims to prevent people from lighting up in mall | Local News


CAPE MAY – Cape May has become a smoke-free place on its beaches and the Washington Street Mall.

New signs installed recently will help get the message across, city officials say.

Signs commissioned by City Manager Michael Voll have been installed at the entrances to the famous pedestrian mall and along the seafront promenade. They state, “Breathe easy, this property is smoke free. “

The signs are courtesy of the Tobacco Free for a Healthy New Jersey group, funded by the New Jersey Department of Health’s Office of Tobacco Control, according to a city ad. The group works to reduce tobacco use and the impact of second-hand smoke across the state.

But the signs don’t just apply to cigarettes and cigars. This spring, Cape May banned smoking of cannabis on public property, including the mall and beach, as well as in public parks.

Mayor Zack Mullock said the ban on smoking in the mall came at the request of the police department. Few people smoke in the mall, he said, but officers expressed concern about trying to stop cannabis from smoking in the mall now that it is legal in the state. .

“The police have asked us to try to make this as easy as possible for them,” Mullock said. “We want to do everything we can to try to make things a little easier and a little healthier for everyone.”


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