Call for tenders for the purchase of services for the implementation of the information campaign on the National Preventive Mechanism (NPM)


The joint EU/Council of Europe project “The European Union and the Council of Europe work together to strengthen the operational capacity of the Ombudsman to protect human rights” launches a tender procedure for the purchase of services relating to promoting the mission of the National Preventive Mechanism (NPM) in accordance with the NPM communication strategy of the Office of the Ombudsperson in Ukraine.

Deadline for the submission of tenders is February 24, 2022.

Tenders must be submitted by email only (with attachments) to the email address) [email protected] with the following reference in subject: Tender 4757/2022/46_Your company name. Offers addressed to another e-mail address will be rejected.

All questions must be submitted at least 3 (three) working days before the deadline for submitting offers and must be addressed exclusively to the e-mail address) [email protected] tit follows the reference in the subject: Invitation to tender 4757/2022/46_Question

The project launches a tender procedure for the purchase of consultancy services on the promotion of the mission of the national preventive mechanism based on the communication strategy of the office of the ombudsman to be carried out within the framework of the joint project EU/ Council of Europe union and the Council of Europe working together to strengthen the Ombudsman’s ability to protect human rights”.

The contracted Service Provider will implement the information campaign via the distribution/positioning of informative posters on the mission of the NMP in pre-designated places in public transport, in particular the metro and interregional trains. The contracted supplier will print promotional materials – 5 types of informative posters and organize their placement in central metro stations of 3 cities of Ukraine (Kyiv, Kharkiv and Dnipro) and intercity trains in both directions (Kyiv – Kharkiv , Kyiv – Zaporizhzhia) . The posters will be placed in the light boxes of metro stations and information counters of intercity trains.

Alongside an offline outdoor campaign, it will also need to develop and implement a range of digital activities and interventions to support the online campaign.

Implementation period: February – March 2022

NOTB!!! The project is exempt from VAT in Ukraine as a joint project of the European Union and the Council of Europe registered at the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine on the basis of the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine “ On the unified system of use and monitoring of technical assistance” n.153 approved on 15.02.2002. The services to be provided within the framework of this Deed of Engagement will be invoiced excluding VAT unless otherwise requested by the Board.


Exclusion criteria and absence of conflict of interest (See declaration in Appendix I)

Tenderers are excluded from participating in the tender procedure if they:

  • have been the subject of a final conviction for one or more of the following charges: participation in a criminal organization, corruption, fraud, money laundering, financing of terrorism, terrorist offenses or offenses related to terrorist activities, work children or human trafficking;
  • are in a situation of bankruptcy, liquidation, cessation of activity, insolvency or preventive composition or any analogous situation resulting from a procedure of the same nature, or are the subject of a procedure of the same nature;
  • have received a judgment having the force of res judicata, noting an offense undermining his professional probity or serious professional misconduct;
  • do not respect their obligations in terms of payment of social contributions, taxes and duties, according to the legal provisions of their country of incorporation, establishment or residence;
  • are an entity created to circumvent tax, social or other legal obligations (blank screen company), have already created or are in the process of creating such an entity;
  • have been implicated in the mismanagement of Council of Europe funds or public funds;
  • are or appear to be in a conflict of interest
  • are or if their owner(s) or executive director(s), in the case of legal persons, appear on the lists of persons or entities subject to restrictive measures applied by the European Union ( available at

Eligibility criteria

  • Legal person with the exception of consortia carrying out an appropriate type of economic activity;
  • At least 3 years of proven experience in the field of public relations and communication (public relations campaigns, production and placement of information materials and SMM);
  • Operational capacities in terms of technical and human resources of the company necessary for the implementation of the information campaign including those related to social advertising.

Award criteria

  • Quality of the offer (60%), of which:
  • detailed outdoor information campaign implementation plan with detailed description of locations, placement period (confirmed), total number of posters to be printed, sequence of posters to be placed, etc. ; 45%
  • detailed implementation plan of digital activities to support the online information campaign on the NPM; 15%
  • Financial offer (40%)


1) A completed and signed declaration on the exclusion criteria (see annex I of the tender dossier)

  1. An estimate, describing the financial offer, in accordance with the requirements of section B of the tender documents;
  2. Registration documents (scanned copies of the originals in Ukrainian) and documents proving the ability to perform an appropriate type of economic activity;
  3. A list of all owners and managers, for legal persons only;
  4. List of at least three examples/links to previously developed and implemented communication/information campaigns for public institutions covering socially important topics, as well as plans and methods for their implementation.
  5. Presentation or portfolio of the company, describing in detail the operational capacities in terms of human resources capable of effectively implementing the assigned task;
  6. Detailed implementation plan covering:
  • Outdoor information campaign with the placement of informative posters in public transport and interregional trains;
  • Online support activities for the external campaign (press release, advertising, social media promotion).

All documents except registration documents and list of owners must be submitted in English or the offer will be excluded. If one of the documents listed above is missing, the Council of Europe reserves the right to reject the offer.

The Council reserves the right to reject an offer if the scanned documents are of such quality that the documents cannot be read once printed.

Attachments to this announcement contain a full description of the terms and conditions of this RFP and additional supplier involvement:

Tender file


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