Bull’s Head car park information campaign


The City of Hamilton will launch an “awareness campaign in the coming weeks to inform the public of the benefits of acquiring monthly or annual parking passes for Bull’s Head Parking”, stating that “Parking in Bull’s Head is the most economical way to park all day in the city.

City CEO Dwayne Caines said, “We’ve heard a lot of feedback from members of the public regarding parking options in Hamilton. Many people who pay to park daily at the Bull’s Head car park don’t realize that they can purchase monthly or annual passes that end up saving them money and reducing the time spent paying for parking each year .

“Parking at Bull’s Head is $1 an hour or a daily rate of $5. The monthly parking pass costs $100 per month or you can purchase an annual pass for $1,100 per year for an annual savings of 8%.

Mr Caines added: “In terms of time, let’s say you work in the city and you spend five minutes a day paying for parking – finding your ticket, queuing to pay and scanning your ticket at the door – this represents 1,300 minutes to pay. parking lot or 9:30 p.m. each year. Imagine, never worry about lost tickets, just swipe your city-issued card and go!

“Card access is for one vehicle only,” a spokesperson said. “Monthly parking permits are also available for other long-term municipal car parks such as Cavendish, Elliott, Par-la-Ville and King Street car parks. The prices vary according to the car park. Note that there is no public access card for car parks Number 1, Number 5 and Hôtel de Ville because these are only 3-hour car parks.

“For more information or to apply for a parking permit, visit the City of Hamilton www.cityofhamilton.bm or call 292-1234.”

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