Blue White Robotics will make your tractor autonomous


Blue White Robotics will make your tractor autonomous

Tim Hammerich

It’s time to publish your Farm of the Future report. I am Tim Hammerich.

John Deere made headlines last week when it unveiled its 8R autonomous tractor last week. But this is not the only option available to farmers when it comes to self-sufficiency. They’re not even the first.

Alfi… “We take any of your tractors, no matter what color, turn it into a stand-alone and run it, whether as a single or as a fleet in one of your permanent crops.”

This is Ben Alfi, CEO and Founder of Blue White Robotics. He and his team have over 100 years of cumulative self-sufficiency experience which they now apply to help specialty crop growers convert their existing machines.

Alfi… “We, on our side, are going to modernize it and we are going to connect it. We will do professional training to the producer. And so we have support from Blue White Robotics all day and all night, for one person or two people operating the entire fleet.

Alfi says farmers can grasp the value of autonomy, but revert to manual farming at any time.

Alfi… “With a simple click of a button, you go from manual to autonomous. If you want him to drive two miles an hour, he will drive two miles an hour. You can adjust the speed, you can have all the tool information: how much has been sprayed, what it looks like. So you also get all the information on your screen, at home or in the manager’s office. So you can do everything safely and properly with us, Blue White.


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