Belt-Wide Cotton Conferences Scheduled for January


Belt-Wide Cotton Conferences Scheduled for January

It’s time for your Southeast regional agricultural news. You’re listening to Ag Information Network, I’m Haylie Shipp.

Pack your bags and get ready to travel to the Big Easy. New Orleans hosts the Beltwide Cotton Conferences in January.

Lauren Krogman, marketing and processing technology manager for the National Cotton Council…

“Belt-wide cotton conferences fuel the transfer of new technologies to U.S. cotton growers and other members of the industry with the goal of strengthening U.S. cotton’s competitive position in the global marketplace and improve the profitability of industry members.”

The conferences will take place from January 10-12 and will include three days of individual reports, panel discussions, hands-on workshops and seminars…

“Coordinated by the National Cotton Council and its cooperating partners, this annual forum is recognized as the world champion of cotton technology transfer. This year, cotton growers, independent crop consultants and students who register for Beltwide 2023 will receive a reduced registration fee of $80 for early bird registration to $100 after December 14.

Again Lauren Krogman with the National Cotton Council. To learn more and to register, visit


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