Bee Vectoring Technologies Pt 1


Bee Vectoring Technologies Pt 1

With today’s Fruit Grower Report, I’m Bob Larson. A Canadian company is causing a stir with its natural approach to protecting crops from the pests and diseases they carry.

Ian Collinson of Bee Vectoring Technologies says they use a very effective biopesticide to help your crops combat any unwanted issues…

COLLINSON…” So the active ingredient is called Clonostachys Rosea (CR-7). It’s just a pioneer colonizer. It’s found all over the world, but we have a unique strain specifically to inoculate plants to protect against fungal pathogens infecting these crops.

And their method of distribution, says Collinson, is kind of

“Since you’re already heading in that direction” approach…

COLLINSON … “We use bees, both honey bees and bumblebees actually. Coming out of the hive, they will pick up traces of our product and during their pollination, they will deposit spores of our product in this plant which then will live and be systemic inside this plant tissue.

But is it more effective than other distribution methods? …

COLLINSON… “I would even say more so protective, because with the spray you’re usually trying to hit a bloom, right. It is a main gateway for disease, where the bees go directly to this bloom. So, I mean really, depending on your disease profile, but a bee you have, you know, targeted delivery as we call it. So they get our product right where it needs to be with very little waste along the way. »

Tune in tomorrow to learn more about BVT and how bees make important allies in protecting your crops.


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