Bearing Fruit Podcast Pt 1


Bearing Fruit Podcast Pt 1

With today’s Fruit Grower report, I’m Bob Larson. If you enjoy listening to podcasts, the newest and most effective format for sharing information, then you should check out “Bearing Fruit” from the Washington State Tree Fruit Association…

WSTFA President Jon DeVaney says their pretty excited…

DeVANEY… “This is something we’ve been thinking about for a while. Our industry faces many challenges and we want our producers, packers and traders to be fully informed. We also want to make sure that what is happening in our industry is understood by the wider community of local residents, policy makers and anyone interested in what is happening in the tree fruit industry.

In one format, DeVaney says this should be a great way to stay informed…

DeVANEY… “It’s a good way to absorb very large amounts of detailed information, but if you just want a quick summary of what’s going on, an electronic or recorded file?

format can really work much better for them.

And in today’s high-tech world, DeVaney says great

practice …

DeVANEY… “A lot of our producers and packers and all of their employees tend to do a lot of business on the road. If you drive from orchard to orchard, sitting down to read a memo is probably not in the cards. You really want to be able to have something that you can listen to and interact with wherever you are.

Tune in tomorrow to learn more about the Washington State Tree Fruit Association’s new podcast, Bearing Fruit.


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