Automated range coop for pasture poultry


Automated range coop for pasture poultry

Tim Hammerich

It’s time to publish your Farm of the Future report. I am Tim Hammerich.

Many consumers like the idea of ​​pasture-raised poultry. But the reason the majority of poultry isn’t raised this way is because of cost and scale. Paul Greive and his team at Pasturebird truly believe pasture farming is the right direction for poultry and have developed technology to help move it forward.

Greive… “It’s great in every way, really, except it’s very time-consuming and labor-intensive. So our big idea was to reduce the size of poultry on pasture, we need to start taking the labor out of that and bringing it up to some of the standard efficiencies that you see in the industrial system. So how can we get better prices on chicks, feed, logistics and harvesting? How can we take some of the work out of moving these birds and feeding them every day? So our great invention, which is an automated chicken coop, is a 6,000-bird solar structure. And it has a bunch of independent drive motors that drive the system to new pastures every day. We try to take the best of conventional farming and somehow combine it with the best local small-scale farmers markets that do pasture-raised poultry. And our entire mission as a company is to make pasture-raised, nutrient-dense chicken more accessible and affordable.

Perdue Farms acquired Pasturebird in 2019 and Greive remains committed to its mission.


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