Augmented Pear Experiment Pt 1


Augmented Pear Experiment Pt 1

From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson with today’s Fruit Grower report. With the Northwest pear harvest complete and tasty fresh pears now on grocery store shelves, there’s a new way to take your pear experience to the next level.

Jim Morris of Pear Bureau Northwest says their new augmented reality experience is as easy as capturing their QR code and enjoying the intro…

MORRIS… “And, in the end, the consumer was redirected to a website which, it’s a landing page on our site that shows them recipes for what they just saw so they can cook the dishes he just tasted and more information on pears, how to ripen them, how to store them.

The options, says Morris, show the versatility of pears…

MORRIS… “So anything from a breakfast smoothie to an after dinner dessert. There are all kinds of ways to serve pears. So we really love helping consumers learn all the different ways they can serve pears and, really, how easy it is to add a pear to a common dish you may already be making.

It’s all about technology these days…

MORRIS… “With augmented reality, we have of course seen a natural increase in online activations with the onset of the pandemic. Truly, the world was already heading in that direction. The pandemic has really accelerated it.

And, Morris says it’s easy…

MORRIS … “It’s definitely for everyone. Naturally, people who use their devices more and play with technology more are likely to play with it a bit more. But, this is really for anyone who comes across this code and just wants to scan it.

Tune in tomorrow to learn more about this high-tech way to enjoy pears even more!


Find the QR code on USA Pears social media or on their website


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