Animal agriculture could still benefit from new technologies


Animal agriculture could still benefit from new technologies

Tim Hammerich

It’s time to publish your Farm of the Future report. I am Tim Hammerich.

The livestock and poultry industries have made huge efficiency gains through their productivity. This begs the question: is there still room for new technologies to offer new improvements. Stephen Murray thinks so. He leads the Ventures team at Merck Animal Health.

Murray… “While we may be making progress in monitoring dairy products. It’s well established, it’s been around for two decades and it’s only just beginning to move from early adoption into the mainstream, and it will continue to grow. But if you’re into pigs and poultry, the ability to quickly identify health issues, et cetera, is much more nascent. There are no commercial solutions at this stage. Some are emerging. We have invested in PoultrySense ourselves. Or another disease could emerge that, you know, you catch regularly in pigs and poultry in particular, but new diseases appear. And how could you manage them and what is the interaction of technology in these circumstances. So, for example, biosecurity, that’s not an area that we’re in, but we see that you’re going to see more technology to address that issue. These solutions are beginning to emerge.

Murray and his teams invest in animal agtech startups.


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