American lessons for students against Russian hackers. “So he resists Entent despite their sabotage.”


Since 2014 Russian pirates ring Ukrainein a kind of hybrid war parallel to the war Donbass and join Crimea. Then Russian cyber attacks gradually escalated to the point of no longer being used in some parts of the country Electrical network. It reached its peak in the day before the invasion order by put into. However, the effects were less destructive and far from the goals he predicted. flies. Why? The teacher explains it Robert Peacockcriminology and criminal justice assistant Florida International Universitybut above all a computer security researcher and former civil servant at the United States Embassy in kyiv, as an expert analyst of the countries of the former Soviet Union: “Last year, Ukraine benefited from great help by the United States National Cyber ​​Defense”. truebut above all systematic.

Indeed, this support, which is essential today, is made possible thanks to a program financed byI moved Where coaches lead and coordinate peacock (Derived from Florida International University And of Bordeaux University) played more than 125 computer security courses to 14 Ukrainian universities in which they participated 700 students“Many of these faculty members are themselves senior government advisors or consult with critical infrastructure organizations on cybersecurity. The program emphasized practical ways to use key IT security tools to defend corporate networks, simulated from real malware and other electronic threats.

The invasion happened a few weeks before it happened National competition in students from 14 universities Engaged in this program: “I think that the training I received was made Rather satisfactory results – is a (satisfied) comment from Professor Peacock who ran the Russian anti-piracy program – that the training has helped to reduce the impact of cyberattacks against Ukraine. The clearest sign of this resilience is Ukraine’s success in Make the internet work Despite bombsme sabotage who coffee attack Specific.” Many students who have taken US-funded courses help the group Informnavalm For network monitoring and web movement tracking More than 120,000 Russian soldiers Who mobilizes for the conquest and that the pirates Anonymous they identified. In short, Ukraine is a laboratory (and a guinea pig) for confronting and neutralizing daily threats aimed at destabilizing the Western technological envelope. The war in the warperhaps the most dangerous.


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