American Lamb Board is working on finding flavor profiles


American Lamb Board is working on finding flavor profiles

The American Lamb Board (ALB) is undertaking groundbreaking research to study the separation of different flavor profiles in lamb at the processing level of production. The technology used was originally developed for the medical industry and is called Rapid Evaporative Ionization Mass Spectrometry (REIMS). The project involves researchers from Colorado State University and Texas Tech University.

“Being able to categorize lamb into flavor profiles has the potential to market lamb more successfully to consumers who like it sweeter or more intense,” says Gwen Kitzan, president of ALB. “And we can accurately detect unpleasant flavors and carcass characteristics at the processor level to use the meat in the best possible way.”

Phase three results show that the technology driven by REIMS is accurate enough to predict flavor attributes that correlate with what a 400-member consumer sensory test panel would identify. The project also aims to determine how management practices such as age, sex, breed and feeding methods affect the flavor of lamb.

Lamb is the first meat industry to conduct such a thorough investigation of REIMS and although it requires a step-by-step process, indications are that the results could be of great benefit to lamb traders.

“The flavor profile work is an example of a long-term research project aimed at removing a significant barrier to increasing consumption of American lamb that the Lamb Checkoff is leading with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of American lamb and the culinary experiences of consumers, ”said Kitzan.

Phase three of the research has been completed and the sensory panel reports are available upon request by emailing [email protected]

The American Lamb Board (ALB) is an industry-funded national research, promotion and information program that works on behalf of all U.S. growers, feeders, seed growers, direct traders, and processors to build awareness and the demand for American lamb. One of its long-term goals is to collaborate and communicate with industry partners and stakeholders to expand American Lamb’s growth, promotion, improvement and support efforts.

Source: American Lamb Board


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