Agtech industry needs more holistic data solutions


Agtech industry needs more holistic data solutions

Tim Hammerich

It’s time to publish your Farm of the Future report. I am Tim Hammerich.

A farm is a complex system and technologies that focus on a single data point, such as a moisture sensor or a soil sensor, will not provide enough information for management decisions. That’s why Ros Harvey, CEO of The Yield, sees the agtech industry maturing to offer more holistic data solutions.

Harvey… “You know, often the experience doesn’t live up to the promise and you end up with a bunch of techs sitting in sheds on farms all over the world. And I think what we’re seeing now is a maturation of that and an understanding that, you know, we need holistic data solutions. That farms are not a series of single decisions, they are actually a system. And that you need to build technology that both has an open architecture, but holistically solves these problems and puts data to work upstream and downstream of the value chain. So I’m optimistic in the sense that I think there’s a maturation of the sector. I think we still tend to be driven by the technology rather than the producers. And I think the successful companies are the ones that do the opposite. So what are we trying to solve? »

The Yield launched in Australia and has recently established a presence in the United States, working with major specialty crop growers and food companies.


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