Agtech Funding Models

Tim Hammerich

This is Tim Hammerich from the Ag Information Network with your Farm of the Future report.

Much of the agtech being introduced to farmers today comes from companies backed by venture capitalists. Entrepreneur and podcaster Hannah Senior says it’s great for a small sub-segment of companies that fit this venture capital model, but we should also be looking at alternatives.

Senior… “I don’t think it’s controversial to acknowledge that venture capital as a business model was not designed for agriculture. And there are features that don’t lend themselves particularly well to the agricultural setting.

Senior says we should see more technology adapting to agriculture instead of agriculture adapting to traditional technology funding models.

Senior… “We have ag-tech companies that are trying to transform to meet the needs of the venture capital business model. And what I wanted to try to do is say, well, if we think about creating companies that solve problems, how do we think about funding them so that they can then grow and become what they must be? »

Senior showcases these alternatives in a new documentary-style podcast series called Innovating Agtech.

Senior…”I suggest that if we had a wider range of methods of investing in startups that need capital to grow and grow, then we would see a wider range of solutions come to market and grow at the over time.”

Learn more by searching for Innovating Agtech on any podcast platform.


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