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Integration of agricultural technologies

Tim Hammerich

It’s time to publish your Farm of the Future report. I am Tim Hammerich.

The rise of digital agricultural technology has brought a vast array of new tools available to farmers. But in most cases, farmers don’t necessarily want new tools, they want solutions to real problems. Unfortunately, many of these individual tools fall short, says Brendan Bachman, senior agronomic technology manager at GROWMARK.

Bachman… “You know, we’ve been talking about agricultural technology and big data and all these different value propositions with technology for a good part of a decade. And, you know, farmers heard that message. I think farmers have tried to convey that message. And often, I think they ended up being disappointed. You know, we overpromise and we underdeliver.

GROWMARK has taken the approach of trying to integrate some of these tools into a useful digital solution for farmers.

Bachman… “Looking at GROWMARK’s approach, there are really three approaches that we could have considered in agtech. You can buy it. You can go out and acquire companies. You can build it in-house, employ a group of developers to help develop a proprietary product, or you can integrate it. And so we’ve taken the integrator approach because we have so many partners. We have the ability to look across the agricultural technology landscape. And that integrator approach is something that we believe will best maximize all of the capabilities that all of these great innovators are bringing to market.

GROWMARK has partnered with Leaf Agriculture to integrate these technologies.


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