Agricultural data for carbon programs


Agricultural data for carbon programs

Tim Hammerich

This is Tim Hammerich from the Ag Information Network with your Farm of the Future report.

It seems like every major food company has a carbon program. But what should you consider before signing up to receive some of these payments for practices that sequester carbon? AGI Digital’s Jason Tatge has seen a lot in his 20+ years in agtech. His advice is to be very diligent in collecting relevant data, but be careful not to give up too much control over what can be done with your data in the future.

Tatge… “Collect your data first, make sure you have good quality data. And then consider it a valuable asset. You might not use it for two or three years, but having the historical collection of this data, many of these programs require at least three years of history before you can really take advantage of it. And so I would say, make sure you have some flexibility here on where to go. Today, most technology companies in the agricultural sector are not designed to extract data from their systems. They are designed to suck data into their systems. OK. And so it’s a really, really important piece. And the data that often comes out through APIs is not the same data you might collect on a USB stick. So we need to be aware of having a high quality data set, collect it and make it as complete as possible. Over time, you will be able to participate in any program you wish.

Be sure to do due diligence on any carbon program before signing up.


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