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Agribusiness disruptions Pt 2

I am Bob Larson. Becoming and staying relevant at all levels of the agri-food supply chain has become more delicate in recent years.

Some believe that consolidation and growth, whether you are a farmer, processor or retailer, is the key to staying relevant in the market.

David Parker, executive vice president of FLM Harvest, says there is a solution…

PARKER… “The solution is two things: first, if you want to keep cultivating, I think you have to have two things. You have to have a succession plan, an absolute plan. Who will continue this operation? And, secondly, I think you have to intentionally have a growth plan in order to actually improve your relevance in the market. It’s just too expensive and too difficult not to do it.

Beyond the size of your farm and who will one day operate your food business, Parker says embrace our high tech future …

PARKER… “And the other part of this whole problem is technology. It looks like we’re going to start to understand, especially in crops, we’re going to get as serious about what is below or on the ground as we are about what is above. So microbial, I think, will be a big game. I also think you’re going to have, you know, people who will seriously think about this whole question of carbon and carbon sequestration. I think you’re going to see more and more people putting more emphasis on this as we get more and more serious about the environment, which we should. “

Parker says organizations need to have a mindset and a business strategy that enables responsiveness and agility to move operations and rethink where their profit margins are coming from.


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