Activate Soil Microbes to Reduce Fertilizer Costs


Activate Soil Microbes to Reduce Fertilizer Costs

Tim Hammerich

This is Tim Hammerich from the Ag Information Network with you Farm of the Future Report.

In a year where fertilizer prices and shortages have dominated the headlines, managing nutrient use efficiency is of the utmost importance. Jeff Divan is Director of Agronomy at Sound Agriculture and a grower himself.

Divan… “Growers are really in tune with the cost of nitrogen prices this season and depending on how efficiently they are using something like nitrogen there is an opportunity to reduce the amount applied.”

Divan said natural nitrogen-fixing bacteria and phosphate-stabilizing microbes can be harnessed to increase plant yield and health.

Couch… “In recent decades, the amount of nitrogen and phosphorus applied to the soil has caused plants to rely less on microbes for bioavailable forms of these nutrients and has led to reduced microbial inputs. We know there are over 100 million microbes in one gram of soil, so there’s a lot of untapped potential there.

And that’s what Sound Ag is trying to do with its SOURCE product.

Divan… “So we can start supplementing with products that improve nutrient cycling, and that’s a great option for harnessing the power of existing microbes that are available in your soil. So our sound technology activates soil microbes and essentially wakes them up to deliver more nitrogen and phosphorus to the plant.

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